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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Have any of you tried VistaPrint

I have to say VistaPrint is one of the coolest sites I have found for business and fun stuff.

Besides all my "green" stuff.........well actually including all my "green stuff" I have used them for really cool reusable totes......FREE (and they are washable, ....even better)

I love them for really useful gift and grab bags items for my kids birthday parties. It's much nicer to give a personalized and useful magnet, pen or keychain then some little cheapy toy that will be in the landfill in no time flat. Sure we throw in an organic lolly or nice treat too. But really who doesn't use post-it notes?

For business I get all my labels and thank you notes. It's always nice to thank a customer, not to mention proper, and having matching labels, note cards, thank you's etc, looks really nice as well.
VistaPrint has got prices that are hard to beat. I have had a hard time trying to find anyone who can do my stuff for less. With all the FREE stuff they give away all the time you are bound to find all that you need and more. Why not give them a try??

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nature...ahhhhhhh Gotta Love it.

So here we are in the "country" as I call it. Our move was about 25 mins north of our old house.
The cool thing is that I feel more "up north" than ever and I'm loving it.
While I have immediate access to all the places I love - Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Target and Costco (all of these places make it easier to tend to the family as well as carrying a wonderful array of Organic products) We also have so much land that is protected, wetlands, park lands, wild untouched land. The kind that lends to having some of the coolest vistors from nature.
Yesterday while visiting my friend who lives 3 miles away we saw a gorgeoud buck come walking right through her front yard all the way to the back yard stand and wait, look around and the proceed into the wooded area. Amazing!!
So far around our house I have seen Humming birds, butterflies, crickets and grasshoppers (the huge bright green ones) dragonflies, cardinals and bluejays and a huge array of other birds I have no idea their names. We have been on alert because there has been a coyote roaming the neighborhood and it's been buggin the local doggies but aside from that we look forward to many more visitors this winter.

Nature is amazing and has such a wonderful resources besides my special animal/bug visitors, of course.
The sun has been our friend since we've moved in. I cannot believe the difference in the way your house faces. We have been able to cut down out heating costs on the day the sun is shining just because it rises in the front of us and sets directly behind us. A nice warm blanket all through the fall.

Somebody asked me about natural resources in general. I know about solar panals and wind turbines - all of which I want to add onto this some point.
But do we have any way to get more gas without looking to other countries. Do we have anything here in the US that will help us with heating or transportation? What about safe was to harness these materials? Of course we want the resource but not at the risk of damaging our earth, right??
Has anybody heard of this??
 Apparently this is becoming more popular and has been seen in Oklahoma The definition I found was this: *Hydro-excavation is a safe, non-destructive and cost-effective process that utilizes pressurized water to break up soil.
I guess once they do this they can get to some of our natural resources.
If anybody knows more or can shed a light on the subject I would love to hear about it.

Meanwhile it's morning, the sun is rising and I have two short people that would like some breakfast.
Good Morning Blog World...........I hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So moving out is much easier than moving in............

I guess with all the excitement packing is a much faster process than unpacking.
The days are still long and the new house (new to us) of course comes with it's own challenges.
roof leaks, dishwasher and disposal problems as well as some untimely weather that woke the sleeping nest of bees in our fireplace... LOL
Please dont misunderstand and think I am complaining, I'm more of a "let's get it all out now" kind of girl. Get it done and move on....
and so here we go...... moving over to the next box, I'll be back shortly  :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorry for the radio silence........We've moved

So, It's not that I actually forgot about my blog or even being green for that matter. It's just that we've moved. 8 years worth of stuff that was used, stored, stashed, stuffed and forgotten about packed into bags and boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes...........upon boxes and put into a moving truck all so we can move into a bigger Box, er, I mean house  :)
It's a great, happy wonderful move don't get me wrong. You really don't realize how much stuff you have...or that your kids have. And how much time it really takes to pack it up. In my mind I pack much much faster, LOL, but while wrangling to small children, trying to keep their life and schedule as normal as possible, it actually took longer and I was far less organized as I usually am.
I did my best and I think trashed and recycled our trash pretty well. When it came down to the wire things get a bit rushed but all in all I think things ended up where they needed to be.

So for this new adventure the game has changed just a little bit.
In the city suburbs you can go online and they have a set of rules and guidelines of what can be thrown out, recycled, how and why. You carry it all to the curb and away it goes.
NOW we actually have to pay for our trash and recycle pick up. Not that that's a bad thing. But having to shop around for a "good" service was kind of funny. Finding out what the limits were was interesting in comparisons, like one company says you can have up to 12 bags of garbage where the other only allows 10. If you decide to use a Trash can rather than laying your bags out the size of the can matters and your costs could increase because of it.
Even better..all trash must be put out by 6am and this my friends is no joke. The first week we were here the trucks were rolling down our streets at 6:45am!

I have some links and info that we were sent that I will share with you in blogs to come.
Sorry for the delays But I am happy to be back and reconnected.
Blog to you soon

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Greening of Oak Park........sorta

In the small suburban city where I grew up there lives a girl, whom I went to High School with, who decided to plant a garden. What has happened afterward has now become international news.

Yeah, Really no joke, International. Can you believe that a lovely garden has become the focus across many countries?

Why you ask?
Normally you would think that news of this magnitude means that this must be something that is beyond the scope of beauty. Something the world's eyes must see in order to believe. Maybe it has plants of extraordinary size or a new hybrid yada yada that is the the very first ever. Not quite.
Are you sitting down? It's a veggie garden.
That's right a simple veggie garden but here's the catch: It's in her front yard. (of all places, sigh)
he city of Oak Park has written her a citation because the city ordinance says, “All unpaved portions of the [screening and landscaping] site shall be planted with grass ground cover, shrubbery, or other suitable live plant material.” AND someone in the city actually thinks that veggies aren't suitable live plant material.
Can you believe that?
Even better they have threatened that she may be fined and have to do up to 93 days in jail for the violation.

Now there are many articles that have been written about the issue.
*I'll insert a few links into the blog entry for you to follow.
The mayor said somewhere that she won't have to do jail time, someone else said there might be political campaign issues, tricks and sabotage. A whole lot of silly talk all because of a veggie garden.
It has been pointed out a million times that our very own Michelle Obama has planted a lovely veggie garden on the White House lawn.
And so far no one really understands the reason the city is bent out of shape about a veggie garden.
How many cities have those few houses that have a junkyard in the front yard? Eyesores of too much "lawn art" that looks like a trash heap? What about the "over gardener"? I have one of those in my neighborhood. You know the one that has so many plants and trees that you can't see the walkway, front of the house or the front door. And you know there isn't one lick of grass in the whole place because they just don't want to mow.

So Julie and her husband had to tear up the lawn because of a sewer problem and they chose to not replace a useless lawn and instead save water and save money on groceries for them and their 6 kids.
I was thinking as tax paying citizens if the city insisted on grass for every lawn then they should be paying for the replacement sod, as well as a replacement sewer...oh and while we're at it they should have paid for the labor, time and trouble the Bass family went through with the sewer problem.
After all, in my mind, the sewer should be a "city" problem since tax payers pay to help maintain the city. Shouldn't that fall under maintenance??

I know I've gone off on a tangent. I'm funny about the whole fine line between city and home owners.

My Green take on things is this - Green is Good!
Veggies and plants are great for our world. Sustainability, Eco responsibility and Yes, I'm just a little jealous as I haven't a garden of my own yet. I may have to sneak over a grab a tomato or two. Just joking, I'm no veggie thief  But I do have veggie envy :)
Keep up the good work Julie, We love you.

Sustainable living as civil disobedience

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

THIS WEEKEND Here in Michigan - Fun and Green!

If you're gonna be around and want to have some "green" fun Check out the
Michigan Green Living Festival in Downtown Rochester.
May 12-15th , 2011

Green Living Festival

There will be lots of things Green :
  • Exhibits of hundreds of green/wellness products, services & programs  
  • Presentations by leading educators, community leaders & VIPs
  • Displays of hybrid & electric vehicles, & renewable energy systems
  • Food & Farm areas with local Farmers Row & organic Food Court
  • Services including yoga, massage, door prizes & contests
  • Celebration with dance, music & other acts are offered on stage & streets
  • Kids Corner with exhibits, crafts, portable farm, strawbale climb, and a full schedule of kids activities  
  • Connections Cafe with non-commercial displays and roundtable discussions to promote networking and community-building
  • Special Events including a parade, trail race, art fair, media-sponsored contests, green awards ceremony, and Party for the Planet.

 For a map of the activities and set up check out this link:  Green Living Fest Map
Looks like it's going to be a ton of Green Tree-hugging Organic fun for the whole family.  :)
Detroit Eastern Market 45th Annual Flower Day
Attended by more than 150,000 people annually, Flower Day at the Eastern Market is one of the largest flower shows in the country. Members of the Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA), and hundreds of flower growers from Michigan, Canada and neighboring states fill the market with their colorful array offerings. Over 15-acres of the highest quality annuals, perennials, foliage, shrubbery, trees, exotics, tropical plants, flats, hanging baskets and more will be available for purchase.
Soooooooooo much fun!
The kids LOVE Dan Dan the ChooChoo Man, The little petting Farm and all the beautiful colors.
My kids love riding on the wagon and picking out what they are gonna plant (read: play in the dirt) this year in the yard.
Very cool and earthy experience for all to be had. Great floral/yard ideas and Great Prices too!!



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Food Economics — Special Report — Are Genetically-Modified Foods OK? - CNBC

Food Economics — Special Report — Are Genetically-Modified Foods OK? - CNBC


Down with Lab Frakenfood! Encourage Organic, Clean Farming - the old fashion way.


You could win one.

Cool huh?
Here'e the deal - follow the link and enter. It's just that easy.

Celebrate Mother-Earth in style.........well, by relaxing anyway  :)


Brought to you by Real Simple and Aveeno
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Purchasing does not improve your chances of winning. The Real Simple "Inspire Beautiful Change" Sweepstakes is open to residents of the 50 United States and D.C., age 21 and older. Void outside the United States, in Canada and Puerto Rico, and wherever else prohibited by law. Sweepstakes begins at 12:01AM ET on 4/5/11 and ends at 11:59PM ET on 5/13/11. For Official Rules, click here. Sponsor: Time Inc. Lifestyle Group.


Great article by TreeHugger

How throwing stuff away can make you frugal (and green)

Are you a hoarder? Do you have too much stuff.....or really if you look at all of your "stuff" and think to yourself  "When was the last time I used that"? If you can't remember where you got it, when you bought it or how it even got into your home there is a good chance that you don't need it.
And it needs to be on it's way out the door, into the recycle bin or given/donated so that it can find a home where it can be put to use.

Being practical  about your clutter is another way to get green.
Keeping your digs clean and organized helps you and the environment.
Cut down on heating and cooling. Keep the dust bunnies at bay is better for your air. Don't block the sunlight with clutter, Let it shine in.

Green On!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great article for beginners

25 ways to help Your Planet

Real Simple has jotted this lovely article about some easy wasy to help the planet.
Take a look, see anything familiar?

did you know?
Free lint bunnies. The average U.S. household spends up to $135 a year in energy costs drying clothes. A dirty lint filter can use 30 percent more energy to get the job done.

What about?
Curtail junk mail. It takes some legwork, but in the end, you’ll save trees, water, and emissions, too. If everyone in the United States reduced the junk mail he receives every week, 100 million trees would be spared each year. Go to to stop receiving pre-approved credit card offers and sign up on to reduce the amount of unsolicited catalogs sent to you.

Give the article a read, I think it's worth it and has some great ideas or reminders about those we are't quite doing enough  :)

Happy Planet, Happy You!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Find Your Footprint - Enter - National Geographic

Find Your Footprint - Enter - National Geographic

Here is a cool contest that is going on right now.

Apparently I am late on the take and all entries have been received BUT
You can still VOTE.

Pick the one you think has the biggest impact or just really speaks to your inner-green!

From our friends across the pond

I personally have a love for the UK.
Having been there a few times it has always felt kind of like home to me. Hubby and I have even considered moving there a few times but it just hasn't quite happened (yet?)  ;)

In any case, I got this lovely email from a green company that has started doing something that we have done here in the US for years, Car donations.
It's a wonderful compliment to have someone or some company to want to install practices that they find useful and green for our world.

Here is some info that I got from Daniel Frank of Giveacar Ltd.

Giveacar (, a not-for-profit organisation which organises the collection and recycling of unwanted cars, with the proceeds of each vehicle going to charity.

We have imported the idea of car donation from the US to the UK.

We work with over 250 charities and have raised over £200,000 in the past year through car donation, and work with scrapyards and salvage operators to ensure cars are sold for their maximum value – thus providing the maximum donation to charity.
We are an environmentally friendly operation, recommended by Keep Britain Tidy and recently covered by the Ecologist:

We want to make sure that as many people as possible are aware of the environmental benefits of car donation, and would really appreciate your help!

A round of applause for Giveacar!  :)

Inventing a Teenager's Memory Quilt | Seventh Generation

Check out this cool article about recycling/upcycling your kid's old clothes into a memory quilt.

I just may have to do this one of these days with one an old baby blanket as the base and some of their favorite t-shirts and character pj's. What a way to be eco friendly and preserve some wonderful memories.

Inventing a Teenager's Memory Quilt Seventh Generation

Thursday, February 3, 2011

NAIS - North American International Auto Show Detroit  Green Products for a Green World

Swedish BioGas Plant to be built in Flint MI  The truck above is about the Swedish BioGas company that converts waste into energy. Cooooooooool.

Very cool "Eco-Lane" that showcased local Michigan companies that have Eco- friendly products. Buy an electric car, sign up for service and get the charging station for a discount or free. Recycled products, wind turbine, energy saving tips, and they even had electric cars giving people rides.

VW had the largest display of hybrid and eco-friendly cars

Surprised to see BMW with a 7 Series the tune of $117,000, Yes, You read that right over 100 Grand for a Hybrid BMW. It was a sweet looking ride with alot of bells and whistles but not being able to take it for a test drive and really try her out...not sure about the price tag.

Mercedes had a cool display showing their Diesel Bluetec. I like this car/suv. It's got a price tag of of about $67,000, not horrible, not superior but you're getting a really nice product. Enough room for the whole family, storage and enough bells to make you whistle a happy tune!  :)

Honda was showing an electric concept of the FIT. Cute little bugger isn't it?

I know there were others that I missed and this was actually a 2nd visit to the show after our first visit was cut short. I did want to get to see the Eco-display that was showcased above with the Michigan products and local energy company.
If an auto show is coming to your area check out the program and see what is going to be displayed. It makes for a fun afternoon of touching and seeing products and cars first hand.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ugh, It's late and I'm finally getting to my Blog

I want to let you guys know that I really really appreciate all of your support and following on the blog here.

Just a note to let you know that I realize that I don't always say a lot - but please know that every time I post an article it is because it contains some information I feel is important to relay.

I will (in the next day or so) be posting some cool pics of some Green products and Cars from the International Auto Show in Detroit. It was fun to see some Michigan companies showing their Green products and getting the word out on how to green up your home and car.

Until then -
Keep it Green (and non-gmo)

GMO WARS - Radio Interview


On Thursday, Jan. 27th the USDA announced their decision to deregulate genetically modified Roundup Ready alfalfa. As much as it upset me, it really didn’t come as a huge surprise. I know the reality of how things work in our government. According to Food and Water Watch, biotech has spent more than half a billion dollars ($547 million) lobbying congress since 1999. Their lobby expenditures more than doubled during that time. In 2009 alone, they spent $71 Million. Last year they had more than 100 lobbying firms working for them, as well as their own in house lobbyists. Our industry can not compete with that.

Click The Link ABOVE To Listen To The Interview With Megan and Mark Talk About The Recent Announcement and the Impact on our Industry (60 Minutes)

Thursday proved to be a walk in the park next to what Friday had in store. After reading an article written by Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) “The Organic Elite Surrender to Monsanto, what now?”, I was left feeling completely defeated. I felt defeated because of the division that I knew this could potentially create amongst the organic and natural community. Reading the comments of people calling for a boycott of Whole Foods Markets, Organic Valley and Stonyfield Farms literally left me feeling helpless and disillusioned. A boycott of organizations that have been so dedicated and instrumental in protecting the interests of our entire community. How was this possible?

“A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”

I love this industry. I love that what we do increases the overall well being of those we serve. I urge you to listen to this interview. The information shared by Megan and Mark will help to clarify the attacks made against these corporations and share how “UNITED” we can make a difference.

Peace & Blessings,

Joy Schrock

President, Berlin Natural Bakery

Speaking With One Voice to Stop Monsanto and Biotech

Good Reading Folks.....­...
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are you a STARBUCKS drinker?

Did you know that you can take your mug with you, get 10 cents off your drink and help save a paper cup from going to the land fill?

Yeppers, another cool way to get your grande latte frappe super skinny choco caramel mocha yummy!
Check out the link to see how Starbucks is ( and had been) helping to make a global difference all over the world.  :)

Pledge to make a difference

More info and a must read from Stonyfield Farms regarding GE Alfalfa

A must read - From Stonyfield Farms


Saying good-vye to  single use coffee cups.
Just one of the awesome campaigns and eco friendly ways to help our mother earth.
Eco-Cycle  - Say GoodBye to single use Coffee Cups

Eco-Cycle is worth looking at whether you live in the Denver area or not.
The info they share on their site is worthy and helpful to anyone anywhere.

Did you know:
  • It only takes about 6 weeks total to manufacture, fill, sell, recycle, and then remanufacture an aluminum beverage can. U.S. EPA, 2010. Common Wastes & Materials: Aluminum

  • Making copy paper from 100% recycled content fiber instead of 100% virgin forest fibers reduces total energy consumption by 44%, net greenhouse gas emissions by 38%, particulate emissions by 41%, wastewater by 50%, solid waste by 49% and wood use by 100%. Environmental Paper Network, 2007. State of the Paper Industry

  • Recycling, reuse and remanufacturing account for 3.1 million jobs in the U.S.—one out of every three green jobs. American Solar Energy Society, 2008. Defining, Estimating, and Forecasting the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Industries in the U.S and in Colorado.

So how cool is this? Wat to go New Orleans!

Check out this website;

These guys have it going on. Don't ya think?
I love Orgs that give back and teach common and easy going green ways.
Check out their events page, learn about the proper way to dispose of paint and waste materials.
AWESOME job guys!!

About The Green Project:

The Green Project is a nonprofit building supply retail store dedicated to creatively promoting and encouraging environmental sustainability in New Orleans. We operate a warehouse, lumberyard, paint recycling center, Recycle for the Arts, electronic waste recycling drop-offs, and environmental education programing. As a hands-on environmental organization, we promote creative reuse in our daily lives and throughout our communities.

All the hub-bub about GE Alfalfa, articles and ways to keep fighting

There are many articles going around about the deregulation of GE Alfalfa. While this is sad news and feels like a kick in the pants Please Please don't give up.

We need to keep fighting and the best way is to continue telling people why organic and non-gmo products are better for you and our enviroment, share info on your blogs and social media sites (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.) and more than ever Go Green with your Green. The more you spend your money on non-gmo and organic products and do not buy Monsanto/GE/GMO/frankenfoods the more they will get the point that we will not stand for this.

breaking-news - USDA deregulates GE Alfalfa

The NON-GMO project Team Organic

Center for Food Safety - The GMO Battlefield

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let the White House know..............send them an email

Let your opinion be heard........or seen for that matter.

Everyone is up in arms about the Deregulation of Alfafa Sprouts and with good reason.
If you don't know by now this is just another way for the evil Monsanto to be able to not only invade more of our food and life but most likely there will be more lawsuits because Monsanto will be lurking near every farm that won't buy their seed waiting for Mother Nature, wind, bees and nature to pollenate, cross contaminate and plant their chemical Frankenfood where it's not supposed to be and then WHAMO! They sue the farmer for theft.

Watch the documentary Food Inc. and Food Matters
See some of the farmers who have been affected by these monsters.
Read, Research, Find out for yourselves.
Write to you congressmen and women and By ALL MEANS Buy Organic, Buy Non-GMO and Boycott any company that still makes, uses or allows Monsanto seed in their product.
** as a side note** Apparently Land O' Lakes has a warehouse full of GMO Monsanto Alfafa sprout seed they have been waiting to plant.
One more company that won't be allowed in our house.

BREAKING NEWS: USDA to Fully Deregulate Monsanto’s Genetically Engineer Alfalfa — Gene Contamination of Feed, Milk, Meat and Other Products to Follow…

BREAKING NEWS: USDA to Fully Deregulate Monsanto’s Genetically Engineer Alfalfa — Gene Contamination of Feed, Milk, Meat and Other Products to Follow…

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MonSanto - UGH! READ and research for yourself. Please buy Organic and NON-GMO foods for your own better health.

Do you know about Monsanto?
Have you ever heard of them before today? Do you realize that this chemical company has been making 90% of the food you eat.
Yeppers - that's right 90%

The food that you are eating, while you think you have purchased "fresh" fruits and vegetables are actually grown from a seed that is made in a lab. A seed that is pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics and that when it's picked "fresh" from the farm it only has about 40% of the nutrients it should.
So by the time it makes its way onto the truck, plane or ship and is dropped in front of you at the store you'll be lucky to have about 20% of it's nutrient value..........and heaven help you if you decide to cook it. What do you have in the end? That's right, empty chemical filled calories that leaves you to take vitamin supplements, maybe a lazy immune system that when you get sick is resistant to meds due to all the antibiotics in your foods.

Have you noticed in the last 20 years how many more cases of food allergies there are? Kids who get sick more than normal, more than you remember when you (or I) were growing up. Our parents talk about how kids weren't allergic to all these nuts, milk, gluten(wheat) when we were or they were young.
Uh yah, that's because the generation that was born during the late 80s and early 90s and everyday since has been fed chemicals.

Do your reading, I repeat - READ!
It is your best shot to find out how to be healthy. Help your family and kids and give them the best leg up. You have so many choices why stop with education, voting/politics or any war ?
Monsanto's chemicals are in all of the plants, the feed that is given to your Cows (beef0 and pigs (pork), the growth hormones in your chickens (that means the eggs too)It is everywhere - There isn't one fast food establishment that is ORGANIC, is there? A salad at McDs is just as bad as the burger.
When you buy non-organic food you are buying what is essentially synthetic lab made food. It all stems from MonSanto.
Did I mention they were a chemical company that started by making chemicals for warfare and transferred that into farming/agriculture pesticides and now.....they make your food.

Something wrong with this picture?

I think so.
Please - I could go on and on with examples, case studies and ratios.
Do yourself a favor and read. Research and see what I am talking about. Find a local farmers market, find your farmers and stores who sell organic and Non-GMO foods. That would mean they don't use MonSanto seed - See what food used to taste like. Do you remember when fruits and vegetables actually had taste??
Something they haven't managed to get into their lab made, chemical based, antibiotic and growth hormone filled seed yet - flavor.

Monsanto voted Most Evil Corporation of the Year by NaturalNews readers

Monsanto voted Most Evil Corporation of the Year by NaturalNews readers