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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sorry for the radio silence........We've moved

So, It's not that I actually forgot about my blog or even being green for that matter. It's just that we've moved. 8 years worth of stuff that was used, stored, stashed, stuffed and forgotten about packed into bags and boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes...........upon boxes and put into a moving truck all so we can move into a bigger Box, er, I mean house  :)
It's a great, happy wonderful move don't get me wrong. You really don't realize how much stuff you have...or that your kids have. And how much time it really takes to pack it up. In my mind I pack much much faster, LOL, but while wrangling to small children, trying to keep their life and schedule as normal as possible, it actually took longer and I was far less organized as I usually am.
I did my best and I think trashed and recycled our trash pretty well. When it came down to the wire things get a bit rushed but all in all I think things ended up where they needed to be.

So for this new adventure the game has changed just a little bit.
In the city suburbs you can go online and they have a set of rules and guidelines of what can be thrown out, recycled, how and why. You carry it all to the curb and away it goes.
NOW we actually have to pay for our trash and recycle pick up. Not that that's a bad thing. But having to shop around for a "good" service was kind of funny. Finding out what the limits were was interesting in comparisons, like one company says you can have up to 12 bags of garbage where the other only allows 10. If you decide to use a Trash can rather than laying your bags out the size of the can matters and your costs could increase because of it.
Even better..all trash must be put out by 6am and this my friends is no joke. The first week we were here the trucks were rolling down our streets at 6:45am!

I have some links and info that we were sent that I will share with you in blogs to come.
Sorry for the delays But I am happy to be back and reconnected.
Blog to you soon

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