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Sunday, November 11, 2012

GMOs and the right to know

Do you know what a GMO is?

Most people don't...or in California it seems about 47% knew while the other 53% either were paid to "not know" or "think that poison is ok".

A genetically modified organism is exactly that - Poison.
Companies like Monsanto happily will tell you that GMOs are safe and great for you and our food source. Look at all the enlarged plastic looking food (with no flavor) we can make in a lab to help end hunger. No one will go hungry or starve again if we create food that isn't susceptible to drought and bugs.
Of course the bugs all die and the people are getting cancer, stomach illnesses, allergies to foods and just flat out fat. Human bodies cannot process fake food so it finds a way to get rid of it by disease or holding and storing fat since it cannot process it and turn it into waste.

Prop 37 that was on the ballot in California was the beginning of what will need to change in the US.

The awareness is just starting.

The prop may have failed to pass this time ........ and from what I understand from Californians it was made real clear that the inner workings of companies helped to confuse those who knew nothing about GMOs and did all they could to make sure they thought they were a "good thing" to keep in the food stream.
But if you looked into it just a little you would see how most of the world - Yup WORLD - does not allow GMOs in their food.
Crazy isn't it. Most everybody else knows how horrible it is yet here in America we love crappy processed food made of chemicals and poison. We love being sick and boo-hooing about how doctors are robbing us blind.
Hmmmm, I think if we went back to basics we might "fix" some of that.

There are a million articles about Prop 37 and of course about GMOs and why they are not good.
If you know nothing about this Please Please take the time to read up on it.
The reason it's green to say NO to GMOs is not only for you and me and our's for the poison thats being put into our earth, our water stream, our air.
It's time to stand up for our right to clean food.

Let the change begin with you, please.

Here's a bit of info:

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