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Thursday, January 13, 2011

MonSanto - UGH! READ and research for yourself. Please buy Organic and NON-GMO foods for your own better health.

Do you know about Monsanto?
Have you ever heard of them before today? Do you realize that this chemical company has been making 90% of the food you eat.
Yeppers - that's right 90%

The food that you are eating, while you think you have purchased "fresh" fruits and vegetables are actually grown from a seed that is made in a lab. A seed that is pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics and that when it's picked "fresh" from the farm it only has about 40% of the nutrients it should.
So by the time it makes its way onto the truck, plane or ship and is dropped in front of you at the store you'll be lucky to have about 20% of it's nutrient value..........and heaven help you if you decide to cook it. What do you have in the end? That's right, empty chemical filled calories that leaves you to take vitamin supplements, maybe a lazy immune system that when you get sick is resistant to meds due to all the antibiotics in your foods.

Have you noticed in the last 20 years how many more cases of food allergies there are? Kids who get sick more than normal, more than you remember when you (or I) were growing up. Our parents talk about how kids weren't allergic to all these nuts, milk, gluten(wheat) when we were or they were young.
Uh yah, that's because the generation that was born during the late 80s and early 90s and everyday since has been fed chemicals.

Do your reading, I repeat - READ!
It is your best shot to find out how to be healthy. Help your family and kids and give them the best leg up. You have so many choices why stop with education, voting/politics or any war ?
Monsanto's chemicals are in all of the plants, the feed that is given to your Cows (beef0 and pigs (pork), the growth hormones in your chickens (that means the eggs too)It is everywhere - There isn't one fast food establishment that is ORGANIC, is there? A salad at McDs is just as bad as the burger.
When you buy non-organic food you are buying what is essentially synthetic lab made food. It all stems from MonSanto.
Did I mention they were a chemical company that started by making chemicals for warfare and transferred that into farming/agriculture pesticides and now.....they make your food.

Something wrong with this picture?

I think so.
Please - I could go on and on with examples, case studies and ratios.
Do yourself a favor and read. Research and see what I am talking about. Find a local farmers market, find your farmers and stores who sell organic and Non-GMO foods. That would mean they don't use MonSanto seed - See what food used to taste like. Do you remember when fruits and vegetables actually had taste??
Something they haven't managed to get into their lab made, chemical based, antibiotic and growth hormone filled seed yet - flavor.

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