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Friday, April 30, 2010

WOW!! - a cool new Green way for home renovation

So here we are watching the travel channel last night and this commercial comes on for the Waste Management's new BAGSTER.  What's a bagster you say? It's this cool new Greener way for you to do home renovation and dispose of your trash without sending things to a landfill that don't really belong there.

You can pick up a bagster at the local Aco Hardware, Home Depot or Ace, fill the thing up to 3300lbs and then call for pick up. It's $99 for the pick up of a bagster but if have more than one the price goes down to $79 for every bagster after that. Cheaper than a dumpster anyday!

Check out their website and you can see the availability in your area and give us a holler if you have used one or after you try it. We would love to hear about your experience.

WM's the bagster

Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Nabisco Cookies FB page.........awesome

Nabisco Cookies:

 Want to see how Nabisco Cookies is celebrating Earth day?
Then check out the Cookie Wrapper Brigade at TerraCycle. You’ll find out the best way to divert the wrapper from your cookies after you’re done! The best part is that you can help raise money for your school or favorite charity while helping to eliminate the ide...a of waste. To find out more go to

From the OREO fan page on Face Book

Oreo- Happy Earth Day!
Did you know that three Oreo bakeries have achieved "Zero-Landfill" status? This means that through recycling, reductions and repurposing, they don't send any trash to landfills. The small amount of "net waste" leftover is now being incinerated to harvest the residual energy value. What are you doing t...o help our beautiful planet?

Have you won your bag yet??? Earthbound Farm Organic still giving them away

Earthbound Farm Organic

Free Totes are still available. Check out the kitchen tips, answer the quiz, get a tote. So so easy. Enjoy!

Happy Earth Day! | Seventh Generation

Happy Earth Day! Seventh Generation

Posted from the 7GenBLOG:

April 15, 2010
Earth Day arrives today, April 22nd, and while we all try to Protect Planet Home every day, an annual celebration like this reminds us to do even more. It's a chance to think about why our actions matter, and to rediscover our mission. Then we can feel really great about the work we do to protect the biosphere.

Because for ourselves and for our families, we all need to treasure nature's oxygen and water, its rains and sun, its soils and seeds and beasts and bacterium. And Earth Day gives us the opportunity to remember that and to renew our commitment to the ecosystems that sustain us. If there is a task of greater sanctity, I do not know it.

So let's pause on Earth Day, even if it's for just a moment or two, to pay our respects and revitalize our purposes. Then let's go back into the world and make a difference in ways both great and small. For example, did you know that Seventh Generation donates 10% of its profits to causes that help sustain women and families? We do so because we should and we must. There are many other ways to create a sustainable world, and we each have our own part to play. Earth Day simply reminds us why we need to keep playing it.

Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's still APRIL and Terracycle products are still available in Walmart stores

TerraCycle has NEW products available at all US Walmart stores for the month of April (and only the month of april) in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day .
While some of us may or may not like big box stores Walmart is trying to join the eco-friendly world by providing products that are better for all of us. Yippee.

Even better is Terracycle.

You should really check them out. What a great way to make a difference in the earth.

Great idea for a group project for your company or school. Sign up, start a brigrade, recycle, help re-use/renew and make a little $$$.

You can see pictures of some of these items on their blog at:

A wonderful note from Annie's Homegrown foods

Note from Annie – Do One Thing

Our planet gives us so much to celebrate on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and every day. From earthworms turning the soil, to honey bee dances, to the diversity of food and the songs of humpback whales, the migration of monarchs, the power of the wind, a view of the moon, the speed of cheetahs, rivers and waterfalls, the loyalty of wolves, the necks of giraffes. Earth shares these with us.

We are all connected -- people, animals, plants, and insects because we are here together, in this moment, on this planet. All living things call Earth home, but only we humans can reverse the threats to Earth that we have created.

Do one thing. Do one thing every day. Unplug an appliance that's not in use, turn off a light when leaving the room, pick up a piece of litter, plant a seed -- one simple task that acknowledges and strengthens our connection to each other and to our collective home.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day - Free shipping for today and tomorrow 4/21 & 4/22

Some awesome products and great scents make it fun to clean again. Free shipping ain't so bad either
MRS MEYERS CLEAN DAY - Free Shipping for Earth Day

Friday, April 16, 2010

HGTV Green Home Giveaway started today!!

Enter everyday for a chance to win the new HGTV's Green Home.
This year it is located in historical New England, Plymouth Massachusettes.
Check out the site, take a tour and look around at all the wonderful Green features.
Ya never know, you just might win OR I can invite you to visit when I win :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

My new favorite website. A MUST SEE for getting your GREEN on!

Got an email today from  Very cool and uber helpful site.
They were talking about going beyond normal home recycling into electronic gadgets, cell phones and the like. Then I got into the article about those little pesky bottle caps that are #5 plastic - Most cities don't take them, Ugh! But that led me to my new fave website:
Earth 911

So easy, so helpful, way more info than anybody could ever read but they have this very cool search that let's you find the places in your area that will take your stuff. By stuff I mean all the other junk your local ciy recycling truck won't accept.  Some are drop-off sites but alot do curbside pick-up. Yah buddy, haul it to the street and walk away because not only will somebody come and pick it up but they will make sure that it is recycled properly.
Now that's a good green day, you agree?

Another way Detroit is working it's way to GREEN

The Greening of Detroit. I had no idea there was such a thing or group for that matter but it looks great.
They are supporting many projects, plantings and the education on helping our local enviornment.

Check out how you can donate or volunteer.
Did ya always want to just go out and plant a tree? See, now you can.

The Greening of Detroit

Fun free stuff for TAX DAY Relief 2010

Just a quick post to get a few tax-day freebies if you're out and about.
Save on gas, add these things to your route  :)

Parenting Mag list of Tax Day FREEBIES 2010

I saw a little car driving around yesterday with.........

A logo/website that said:

So I decided to check it out.
Here is just another example of a local company trying to get us GREEN and I like it.
You have two local guys, Brian and Brad, who have been working with urban blight, green initiatives, innovative building projects and rolling it all into conscientious design and construction. Sound great right?

I think they are worth looking into.
If you have a project or know somebody that does save the link, email it or just give them a call.
Who knows - your could just make your neighbors Green with envy :)

Next chance to win a FREE tote from Earthbound Farms TODAY@ 3pm

Today at 3pm (PDT) Is the next chance for you to win a FREE tote from Earthbound Farms Organic.
So, If you missed out yesterday, have no fear you can try again today.
Good Luck and let me know if anybody wins one :)

EarthBound Farms free tote offer

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FREE Coffee on Apr 15 - Bring a mug Get free coffee

Make a Difference | Starbucks Coffee Company

Need a Ride? Check out MI Green Cabs

Great idea right? So, why didn't I think of it? LOL

Billing themselves as “Anything But Your Typical Cab Company “  Mi Geen Cabs believe in giving back to our world one cab ride at a time.
Michigan Green Cabs, LLC was formed in response to ever increasing global concerns, as well as a our commitment to taking pro-active steps to make a difference in the quality of environment we leave to future generations. It is our ambition to establish a network of “Michigan Green Cabs” statewide employing only the latest in Hybrid technologies and electronic dispatch.
And the cool thing is that they are trying to help the economic state of Michigan by creating new jobs.
Economic Impact:

For every Michigan Green Cab we deploy we create three new full time jobs and one or two new part time positions. One hundred new cabs statewide will create four hundred permanent new positions for displaced Michigan workers.
Awesome right?
Well, next time you need a ride give them a call.
Help the earth and your city/state. Support local companies that support you.

Michigan Green Cabs

Other places that have green cab companies:

Green Cab Seattle
Green Cab Vermont
Charleston Green Taxi
Santa Monica Green Taxi

If you have a company you want us to post please drop us a comment or email with the link addy. THANKS!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And we are off and running today....

Ok Maybe it's a late start due to the pre-chool run this a.m. but I haven't forgotten about you guys today.
 As a matter of fact I have a few goodies in my pocket so without further delay................

Goody Number 1:  Kroger

Kroger Grocery stores is having their 3rd annual Design a Reusable Bag contest with you chance to be famous. Ok maybe not famous but if you win you do get $1000.
That is some pretty good GREEN, wouldn't you say?

Kroger Design a Reusable Bag contest

Goody Number 2:  The HGTV Green Home 2010

If you haven'e been following HGTV the last number of years they have been giving away two homes. One called their Dream Home and the other their Green Home.
The current promotion is to win their 2010 Green Home in Plymouth, Massachusetts

**HGTV 2010 Green Home was scored under the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Standard and achieved a Gold certification for the home’s exceptional energy performance and utilization of sustainable materials. As of February 2010, there were a total of 813 NAHB Green Building Standard certifications nationwide. Of the 813 certifications, only eight homes have achieved the highest certification in residential green construction, Emerald, and only 206 homes have achieved the second-highest certification, Gold. HGTV Green Home 2010 is the second home in the state of Massachusetts to achieve Gold certification.

HGTV's GREEN Home 2010

The contest starts in 3 days - So mark your calendars and bookmark the site.
You can enter everyday.
Good luck to you all :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

FREE TOTES to help you get going GREEN :)

Well, as you know one way to get you going green is to bring your own bag when you shop.
And really, who doesn't love tote bags already?

In any case here is a couple offers for FREE bags - WOOT!

CafePress FREE Ecotote
You only need to pay shipping of $1.25

Earthbound Farm Organic tote offer
In the upper right corner it tells you the next opportunity to win one of their great totes
Next opportunity as of this post is: 4/14/2010 at 2pm (PDT)  or for us EST peeps 5pm.

Another Great FREEBIE is at Babies R US:
Free tote and 25% off any shoes and clothes you can fit inside the tote.
Click here to print the coupon :    Babies R Us coupon

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The little things can add up.

You know that if you start small that whatever you are doing can become quite a success.

Take saving money. Now most of us would be hard pressed to take $100 out of our paychecks and drop it in a savings account. Companies have made it easier by having direct withdrawl programs to help you save and alot of us still don't do that. Why? You say "Hey! That's my money. I want to spend it." There is stuff I wanna, need to, have to buy.

So I started, slow and steady, with a loose change fund. Drop your everyday change out of you pocket or purse into a large jar. Little by little it adds up. Can I tell you that after 3 months of loose change I ended up with alomost $400. Pretty cool huh? I take it the bank, they sort it, add it up and drop it in my savings account. WooHoo. Payday savings. Unmissed, unharmed, unthought out, easy.

Going green may take a little more thought but it only takes one little thing at a time. The bonus is that in the end it all adds up. You are helping youself and all those around you.

So why not start to recycle just alittle more.
Look at what you are throwing away - Paper? Plastic? A yogurt cup? Old empty medicine bottles? The box from your crackers or cereal.

We started small. You can too.
Here's a couple pics.
We started with getting a white bin (for plastic) to sit next to our regular garbage and putting a brown shopping bag ( for paper) behind it.

**By the way, your city should have a list online or at the city hall on what they will and won't collect from you and how they need it packaged.

And if any of you are into the "dummies" books they have one for going green :)

Hoophouse ventures prove crops can thrive year-around in Michigan

Interesting article about HoopHouses and getting crops year-round int he varying weather of a state like Michigan.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ok, so where does all this start...really?

You know bit by bit we have been trying to be a little more "green"
Recycling a few more bottles and cups. Getting the newspaper bundled with junk mail papers and putting it in the recycling bin rather than the garbage headed for the landfill.

Then it was change a few windows (read: update, really really badly needed update)
A few light bulbs got changed over to energy savers. The coffee pot started getting unplugged after it was used and the microwave would stay unplugged until somebody needed it.
And well...You know what they say "if you do anything for 30 days it becomes habit". Darn it - it's true.

So here I am. Ready to share my knowledge and information with you.
Yah, I know, you can probably search the net and find all this good stuff by yourself but hey now, that wouldn't be as much fun, would it?  :)

If you choose to follow I'm glad to have you aboard.
Please feel free to leave comments, a smile or just say hello.

It's a WIN- Win !! How Are You Celebrating Earth Month? | Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation wants to know how you are spending Earth Day.
Post a comment to their BLOG and get a chance to win a canister of our new disinfecting wipes. So let's hear it, Nation!!

How Are You Celebrating Earth Month? | Seventh Generation

Green Built Michigan Helps everyone

For both builders and homeowners Green Built Michigan is a great source of  of Green education.
If you are looking for a builder, new ways to "Green Up" your home and just need some how-to knowledge this is a great place to begin.
Check out their website: Green Built Michigan

Michigan Green Schools - another way to get the kids and community involved

Michigan Green Schools is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency dedicated to assisting all Michigan schools – public and private – achieve environmental goals which include protecting the air, land, water and animals of our state along with world outreach through good ecological practices and the teaching of educational stewardship of students pre-kindergarten through senior high school

Michigan Green Schools

Check out their website. Contact your local coordinator, Get you school involved.
You can donate - whether it's money, goods or services.

Every little bit counts!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let us know about EARTH DAY events in your area.

Do you have an Earth Day event in your town, at your school, with your group - Let us know, so everybody will know too!  :)

Green Toys Dig Earth Day Essential Green Kit For You and Your Tot - Buy at - Fast Free Shipping

Green Toys Dig Earth Day Essential Green Kit For You and Your Tot - Buy at - Fast Free Shipping

Posted using ShareThis

Rochester MI Earth Day Fest FRI-SUN April 23-25

Make plans to join Michigan‟s largest Earth Day event, celebrating what is working in our communities and showcasing leadership in green business, government and non-profit programs. The MI Earth Day Fest will welcome to downtown Rochester an anticipated audience of 100,000 people from around Michigan, eager to learn about green and healthy living, and seeking earth-friendly alternatives in food, energy, transportation, clothing, wellness, career, home, garden, finances and more. Contact the City of Rochester for information at 248.681.9061.


SOCRRA is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with a weeklong celebration by offering free tours of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Tours last about 30 minutes and consist of recycling displays in the Education Center and a walk through the MRF to see how recyclables are sorted and baled. For tour hours, registration, and directions see the event flyer or contact 248.288.5150.

Mon- Thurs, & Sat  April 19-22, & 24

Earth Day event at the Detroit Zoo Saturday April 17th

Join the Detroit Zoo in celebrating Earth Day from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.
The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 and the Detroit Zoo wants to continue the celebration with a fun-filled day for the entire family. Activities will include a craft project for kids, entertainment, animal enrichment and a scavenger hunt through the Zoo. Join the Detroit Zoo‟s Green Team at the Green Games Gallery and enjoy earth-friendly activities, including games made entirely out of recycled products. Local Conservation groups will also be on site providing tips for keeping our planet a healthy place to live. Contact 248.541.5717 for more information.

TerraCycle has new Products in Walmart stores for the month of April

TerraCycle has NEW products available at all US Walmart stores for the month of April (and only the month of april) in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day .

While some of us may or may not like big box stores Walmart is trying to join the eco-friendly world by providing products that are better for all of us. Yippee.

Even better is Terracycle.
You should really check them out. What a great way to make a difference in the earth.
Great idea for a group project for your company or school.  Sign up, start a brigrade, recycle, help re-use/renew and make a little $$$.
You can see pictures of  some of these items on their blog at:

Here is a list of the new TerraCycle products you should be able to find in a Walmart near you.
Eco Kite, M&M Peanut
Eco Kite, M&M Milk Chocolate
Eco Kite , Skittles Original
Mini Back Pack , Skittles
Mini Back Pack, Starburst
Mini Back Pack- M&M Peanut
Mini Back Pack- M&M Milk Chocolate
Small DJ Messenger Bag, Skittles Original
Small DJ Messenger Bag, Starburst Gummi Burst
Small DJ Messenger Bag, Skittles Sour
Small DJ Messenger Bag, M&M Peanut
Small DJ Messenger Bag, M&M Milk Chocolate
Insulated Cooler -Skittles
Insulated Cooler - Starburst Gummi Burst
Insulated Cooler -M&M
Insulated Cooler -M&M Peanut
Short Shoulder Hobo Bag -Skittles
Short Shoulder Hobo Bag -- Starburst Gummi Burst
Short Shoulder Hobo Bag -M&M
Short Shoulder Hobo Bag --M&M Peanut
Dual Compartment Lunchbox Red, Capri Sun
Dual Compartment Lunchbox Blue , Capri Sun
Dual Compartment Lunchbox Green , Capri Sun
Dual Compartment Lunchbox Black , Capri Sun
Large Back Pack - Green , Capri Sun
Large Back Pack - Red , Capri Sun
Large Back Pack - Black , Capri Sun
Large Back Pack - Blue , Capri Sun
Large Tote -Green , Capri Sun
Large Tote -Black, Capri Sun
Large Tote -Red, Capri Sun
Large Tote -Blue , Capri Sun
Wristlet, Reverse Screen Print Butterflies, Frito Lay
Wristlet, Reverse Screen Printed Stars, Frito Lay
Wristlet, Reverse Screen Printed Hearts , Frito Lay
Wristlet, Reverse Screen Printed Peace Signs , Frito Lay
Wristlet, Reverse Screen Printed Skulls , Frito Lay
Wristlet, Reverse Screen Printed Flowers , Frito Lay
Totes, Reverse Screen Printed Butterflies , Frito Lay
Totes, Reverse Screen Printed Stars , Frito Lay
Totes, Reverse Screen Printed Hearts , Frito Lay
Totes, Reverse Screen Printed Peace Signs , Frito Lay
Totes, Reverse Screen Printed Skulls , Frito Lay
Totes, Reverse Screen Printed Flowers , Frito Lay
Totes, Reverse Screen Printed Butterflies , Frito Lay
Fashion Tote, Starbucks (nine styles)
6 Can Cooler - Blue
6 Can Cooler - Black
6 Can Cooler - Green
6 Can Cooler - Red
Kids Growing Kit Yogurt Cup Seed Starter- Herb, Stonyfield **
Kids Growing Kit Yogurt Cup Seed Starter- Flower, Stonyfield**
Kids Growing Kit Yogurt Cup Seed Starter- Veggie Stonyfield**
** Merchandising in Wal-Mart Lawn and Garden


The world’s first standard Delta Kite to be made from food wrappers! These brightly colored kites are made from waste packaging of popular brands like M&M’s and Skittles and look great flying at the beach or above your picnic. Candy wrappers are made strong and light to protect your snacks, which makes them an ideal material to make these affordable, fun kites. So make a statement when you go fly a kite: that you can snack and help the planet! TerraCycle pays schools and non-profits nationwide to collect use packaging, join the 60,000 other groups collecting.

[Kids Growing Kits]

Teach kids about gardening and the environment at the same time with the TerraCycle Kid’s Growing Kits for Vegetables, Flowers or Herbs. The Kits use upcycled Stonyfield Yogurt Cups as planting pots and TerraCycle’s famous Worm Poop mixed with compost for the growing medium. The Kits come with growing instructions and the cardboard tray holding it all together is even embedded with the seeds needed to start the plants. Almost no part of these kits becomes waste and they come with everything you need to start growing right away. Stonyfield and TerraCycle run a free collection program that pays organizations 3 cents for every used Yogurt Cup they collect.
[Accessories Bags]

This range of bags includes everything from camera and shoulder bags to backpacks and lunchboxes. Made from a variety of upcycled wrappers including Mars candy wrappers, Frito-Lay wrappers and Capri Sun drink pouches. The items are made from the same wrappers that will cover the very food they may hold on the way to school or work! All made with trim and handles which match the original logos product these bags are as fun and fashionable as they are eco-friendly!