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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are you a STARBUCKS drinker?

Did you know that you can take your mug with you, get 10 cents off your drink and help save a paper cup from going to the land fill?

Yeppers, another cool way to get your grande latte frappe super skinny choco caramel mocha yummy!
Check out the link to see how Starbucks is ( and had been) helping to make a global difference all over the world.  :)

Pledge to make a difference

More info and a must read from Stonyfield Farms regarding GE Alfalfa

A must read - From Stonyfield Farms


Saying good-vye to  single use coffee cups.
Just one of the awesome campaigns and eco friendly ways to help our mother earth.
Eco-Cycle  - Say GoodBye to single use Coffee Cups

Eco-Cycle is worth looking at whether you live in the Denver area or not.
The info they share on their site is worthy and helpful to anyone anywhere.

Did you know:
  • It only takes about 6 weeks total to manufacture, fill, sell, recycle, and then remanufacture an aluminum beverage can. U.S. EPA, 2010. Common Wastes & Materials: Aluminum

  • Making copy paper from 100% recycled content fiber instead of 100% virgin forest fibers reduces total energy consumption by 44%, net greenhouse gas emissions by 38%, particulate emissions by 41%, wastewater by 50%, solid waste by 49% and wood use by 100%. Environmental Paper Network, 2007. State of the Paper Industry

  • Recycling, reuse and remanufacturing account for 3.1 million jobs in the U.S.—one out of every three green jobs. American Solar Energy Society, 2008. Defining, Estimating, and Forecasting the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Industries in the U.S and in Colorado.

So how cool is this? Wat to go New Orleans!

Check out this website;

These guys have it going on. Don't ya think?
I love Orgs that give back and teach common and easy going green ways.
Check out their events page, learn about the proper way to dispose of paint and waste materials.
AWESOME job guys!!

About The Green Project:

The Green Project is a nonprofit building supply retail store dedicated to creatively promoting and encouraging environmental sustainability in New Orleans. We operate a warehouse, lumberyard, paint recycling center, Recycle for the Arts, electronic waste recycling drop-offs, and environmental education programing. As a hands-on environmental organization, we promote creative reuse in our daily lives and throughout our communities.

All the hub-bub about GE Alfalfa, articles and ways to keep fighting

There are many articles going around about the deregulation of GE Alfalfa. While this is sad news and feels like a kick in the pants Please Please don't give up.

We need to keep fighting and the best way is to continue telling people why organic and non-gmo products are better for you and our enviroment, share info on your blogs and social media sites (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.) and more than ever Go Green with your Green. The more you spend your money on non-gmo and organic products and do not buy Monsanto/GE/GMO/frankenfoods the more they will get the point that we will not stand for this.

breaking-news - USDA deregulates GE Alfalfa

The NON-GMO project Team Organic

Center for Food Safety - The GMO Battlefield

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let the White House know..............send them an email

Let your opinion be heard........or seen for that matter.

Everyone is up in arms about the Deregulation of Alfafa Sprouts and with good reason.
If you don't know by now this is just another way for the evil Monsanto to be able to not only invade more of our food and life but most likely there will be more lawsuits because Monsanto will be lurking near every farm that won't buy their seed waiting for Mother Nature, wind, bees and nature to pollenate, cross contaminate and plant their chemical Frankenfood where it's not supposed to be and then WHAMO! They sue the farmer for theft.

Watch the documentary Food Inc. and Food Matters
See some of the farmers who have been affected by these monsters.
Read, Research, Find out for yourselves.
Write to you congressmen and women and By ALL MEANS Buy Organic, Buy Non-GMO and Boycott any company that still makes, uses or allows Monsanto seed in their product.
** as a side note** Apparently Land O' Lakes has a warehouse full of GMO Monsanto Alfafa sprout seed they have been waiting to plant.
One more company that won't be allowed in our house.

BREAKING NEWS: USDA to Fully Deregulate Monsanto’s Genetically Engineer Alfalfa — Gene Contamination of Feed, Milk, Meat and Other Products to Follow…

BREAKING NEWS: USDA to Fully Deregulate Monsanto’s Genetically Engineer Alfalfa — Gene Contamination of Feed, Milk, Meat and Other Products to Follow…

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MonSanto - UGH! READ and research for yourself. Please buy Organic and NON-GMO foods for your own better health.

Do you know about Monsanto?
Have you ever heard of them before today? Do you realize that this chemical company has been making 90% of the food you eat.
Yeppers - that's right 90%

The food that you are eating, while you think you have purchased "fresh" fruits and vegetables are actually grown from a seed that is made in a lab. A seed that is pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics and that when it's picked "fresh" from the farm it only has about 40% of the nutrients it should.
So by the time it makes its way onto the truck, plane or ship and is dropped in front of you at the store you'll be lucky to have about 20% of it's nutrient value..........and heaven help you if you decide to cook it. What do you have in the end? That's right, empty chemical filled calories that leaves you to take vitamin supplements, maybe a lazy immune system that when you get sick is resistant to meds due to all the antibiotics in your foods.

Have you noticed in the last 20 years how many more cases of food allergies there are? Kids who get sick more than normal, more than you remember when you (or I) were growing up. Our parents talk about how kids weren't allergic to all these nuts, milk, gluten(wheat) when we were or they were young.
Uh yah, that's because the generation that was born during the late 80s and early 90s and everyday since has been fed chemicals.

Do your reading, I repeat - READ!
It is your best shot to find out how to be healthy. Help your family and kids and give them the best leg up. You have so many choices why stop with education, voting/politics or any war ?
Monsanto's chemicals are in all of the plants, the feed that is given to your Cows (beef0 and pigs (pork), the growth hormones in your chickens (that means the eggs too)It is everywhere - There isn't one fast food establishment that is ORGANIC, is there? A salad at McDs is just as bad as the burger.
When you buy non-organic food you are buying what is essentially synthetic lab made food. It all stems from MonSanto.
Did I mention they were a chemical company that started by making chemicals for warfare and transferred that into farming/agriculture pesticides and now.....they make your food.

Something wrong with this picture?

I think so.
Please - I could go on and on with examples, case studies and ratios.
Do yourself a favor and read. Research and see what I am talking about. Find a local farmers market, find your farmers and stores who sell organic and Non-GMO foods. That would mean they don't use MonSanto seed - See what food used to taste like. Do you remember when fruits and vegetables actually had taste??
Something they haven't managed to get into their lab made, chemical based, antibiotic and growth hormone filled seed yet - flavor.

Monsanto voted Most Evil Corporation of the Year by NaturalNews readers

Monsanto voted Most Evil Corporation of the Year by NaturalNews readers