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Thursday, February 17, 2011

From our friends across the pond

I personally have a love for the UK.
Having been there a few times it has always felt kind of like home to me. Hubby and I have even considered moving there a few times but it just hasn't quite happened (yet?)  ;)

In any case, I got this lovely email from a green company that has started doing something that we have done here in the US for years, Car donations.
It's a wonderful compliment to have someone or some company to want to install practices that they find useful and green for our world.

Here is some info that I got from Daniel Frank of Giveacar Ltd.

Giveacar (, a not-for-profit organisation which organises the collection and recycling of unwanted cars, with the proceeds of each vehicle going to charity.

We have imported the idea of car donation from the US to the UK.

We work with over 250 charities and have raised over £200,000 in the past year through car donation, and work with scrapyards and salvage operators to ensure cars are sold for their maximum value – thus providing the maximum donation to charity.
We are an environmentally friendly operation, recommended by Keep Britain Tidy and recently covered by the Ecologist:

We want to make sure that as many people as possible are aware of the environmental benefits of car donation, and would really appreciate your help!

A round of applause for Giveacar!  :)

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