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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Have any of you tried VistaPrint

I have to say VistaPrint is one of the coolest sites I have found for business and fun stuff.

Besides all my "green" stuff.........well actually including all my "green stuff" I have used them for really cool reusable totes......FREE (and they are washable, ....even better)

I love them for really useful gift and grab bags items for my kids birthday parties. It's much nicer to give a personalized and useful magnet, pen or keychain then some little cheapy toy that will be in the landfill in no time flat. Sure we throw in an organic lolly or nice treat too. But really who doesn't use post-it notes?

For business I get all my labels and thank you notes. It's always nice to thank a customer, not to mention proper, and having matching labels, note cards, thank you's etc, looks really nice as well.
VistaPrint has got prices that are hard to beat. I have had a hard time trying to find anyone who can do my stuff for less. With all the FREE stuff they give away all the time you are bound to find all that you need and more. Why not give them a try??

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