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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Target....getting their hands in the Recycling Bin?

So I walk into my local Target yesterday and this is what I see as soon as I come thru the doors....

WOW!!  Right?
So besides regular trash they'll take plastic shopping bags

Glass bottles, Plastic bottles and Aluminum cans ( you know those pesky ice tea, lemonade or energy drinks that have no deposit/no return on them)
MP3s, Cellphone and Ink Cartridges?
Can you believe it?
This is a great option to recycle your electronics if your Ipod is way busted or the battery is so gone that it's cheaper to trash it and buy a new one as well as your cell phone.

If this doesn't appeal to you but you still need to recycle your stuff check out:

RecycleBank is cool for turning in your stuff and getting credit towards jewelry, luggage, gift cards, etc.
Gazelle will actually pay you real money for your cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles and other gadgets.