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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Find Your Footprint - Enter - National Geographic

Find Your Footprint - Enter - National Geographic

Here is a cool contest that is going on right now.

Apparently I am late on the take and all entries have been received BUT
You can still VOTE.

Pick the one you think has the biggest impact or just really speaks to your inner-green!

From our friends across the pond

I personally have a love for the UK.
Having been there a few times it has always felt kind of like home to me. Hubby and I have even considered moving there a few times but it just hasn't quite happened (yet?)  ;)

In any case, I got this lovely email from a green company that has started doing something that we have done here in the US for years, Car donations.
It's a wonderful compliment to have someone or some company to want to install practices that they find useful and green for our world.

Here is some info that I got from Daniel Frank of Giveacar Ltd.

Giveacar (, a not-for-profit organisation which organises the collection and recycling of unwanted cars, with the proceeds of each vehicle going to charity.

We have imported the idea of car donation from the US to the UK.

We work with over 250 charities and have raised over £200,000 in the past year through car donation, and work with scrapyards and salvage operators to ensure cars are sold for their maximum value – thus providing the maximum donation to charity.
We are an environmentally friendly operation, recommended by Keep Britain Tidy and recently covered by the Ecologist:

We want to make sure that as many people as possible are aware of the environmental benefits of car donation, and would really appreciate your help!

A round of applause for Giveacar!  :)

Inventing a Teenager's Memory Quilt | Seventh Generation

Check out this cool article about recycling/upcycling your kid's old clothes into a memory quilt.

I just may have to do this one of these days with one an old baby blanket as the base and some of their favorite t-shirts and character pj's. What a way to be eco friendly and preserve some wonderful memories.

Inventing a Teenager's Memory Quilt Seventh Generation

Thursday, February 3, 2011

NAIS - North American International Auto Show Detroit  Green Products for a Green World

Swedish BioGas Plant to be built in Flint MI  The truck above is about the Swedish BioGas company that converts waste into energy. Cooooooooool.

Very cool "Eco-Lane" that showcased local Michigan companies that have Eco- friendly products. Buy an electric car, sign up for service and get the charging station for a discount or free. Recycled products, wind turbine, energy saving tips, and they even had electric cars giving people rides.

VW had the largest display of hybrid and eco-friendly cars

Surprised to see BMW with a 7 Series the tune of $117,000, Yes, You read that right over 100 Grand for a Hybrid BMW. It was a sweet looking ride with alot of bells and whistles but not being able to take it for a test drive and really try her out...not sure about the price tag.

Mercedes had a cool display showing their Diesel Bluetec. I like this car/suv. It's got a price tag of of about $67,000, not horrible, not superior but you're getting a really nice product. Enough room for the whole family, storage and enough bells to make you whistle a happy tune!  :)

Honda was showing an electric concept of the FIT. Cute little bugger isn't it?

I know there were others that I missed and this was actually a 2nd visit to the show after our first visit was cut short. I did want to get to see the Eco-display that was showcased above with the Michigan products and local energy company.
If an auto show is coming to your area check out the program and see what is going to be displayed. It makes for a fun afternoon of touching and seeing products and cars first hand.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ugh, It's late and I'm finally getting to my Blog

I want to let you guys know that I really really appreciate all of your support and following on the blog here.

Just a note to let you know that I realize that I don't always say a lot - but please know that every time I post an article it is because it contains some information I feel is important to relay.

I will (in the next day or so) be posting some cool pics of some Green products and Cars from the International Auto Show in Detroit. It was fun to see some Michigan companies showing their Green products and getting the word out on how to green up your home and car.

Until then -
Keep it Green (and non-gmo)

GMO WARS - Radio Interview


On Thursday, Jan. 27th the USDA announced their decision to deregulate genetically modified Roundup Ready alfalfa. As much as it upset me, it really didn’t come as a huge surprise. I know the reality of how things work in our government. According to Food and Water Watch, biotech has spent more than half a billion dollars ($547 million) lobbying congress since 1999. Their lobby expenditures more than doubled during that time. In 2009 alone, they spent $71 Million. Last year they had more than 100 lobbying firms working for them, as well as their own in house lobbyists. Our industry can not compete with that.

Click The Link ABOVE To Listen To The Interview With Megan and Mark Talk About The Recent Announcement and the Impact on our Industry (60 Minutes)

Thursday proved to be a walk in the park next to what Friday had in store. After reading an article written by Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) “The Organic Elite Surrender to Monsanto, what now?”, I was left feeling completely defeated. I felt defeated because of the division that I knew this could potentially create amongst the organic and natural community. Reading the comments of people calling for a boycott of Whole Foods Markets, Organic Valley and Stonyfield Farms literally left me feeling helpless and disillusioned. A boycott of organizations that have been so dedicated and instrumental in protecting the interests of our entire community. How was this possible?

“A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”

I love this industry. I love that what we do increases the overall well being of those we serve. I urge you to listen to this interview. The information shared by Megan and Mark will help to clarify the attacks made against these corporations and share how “UNITED” we can make a difference.

Peace & Blessings,

Joy Schrock

President, Berlin Natural Bakery

Speaking With One Voice to Stop Monsanto and Biotech

Good Reading Folks.....­...
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