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Thursday, February 3, 2011

NAIS - North American International Auto Show Detroit  Green Products for a Green World

Swedish BioGas Plant to be built in Flint MI  The truck above is about the Swedish BioGas company that converts waste into energy. Cooooooooool.

Very cool "Eco-Lane" that showcased local Michigan companies that have Eco- friendly products. Buy an electric car, sign up for service and get the charging station for a discount or free. Recycled products, wind turbine, energy saving tips, and they even had electric cars giving people rides.

VW had the largest display of hybrid and eco-friendly cars

Surprised to see BMW with a 7 Series the tune of $117,000, Yes, You read that right over 100 Grand for a Hybrid BMW. It was a sweet looking ride with alot of bells and whistles but not being able to take it for a test drive and really try her out...not sure about the price tag.

Mercedes had a cool display showing their Diesel Bluetec. I like this car/suv. It's got a price tag of of about $67,000, not horrible, not superior but you're getting a really nice product. Enough room for the whole family, storage and enough bells to make you whistle a happy tune!  :)

Honda was showing an electric concept of the FIT. Cute little bugger isn't it?

I know there were others that I missed and this was actually a 2nd visit to the show after our first visit was cut short. I did want to get to see the Eco-display that was showcased above with the Michigan products and local energy company.
If an auto show is coming to your area check out the program and see what is going to be displayed. It makes for a fun afternoon of touching and seeing products and cars first hand.

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