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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A wonderful note from Annie's Homegrown foods

Note from Annie – Do One Thing

Our planet gives us so much to celebrate on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and every day. From earthworms turning the soil, to honey bee dances, to the diversity of food and the songs of humpback whales, the migration of monarchs, the power of the wind, a view of the moon, the speed of cheetahs, rivers and waterfalls, the loyalty of wolves, the necks of giraffes. Earth shares these with us.

We are all connected -- people, animals, plants, and insects because we are here together, in this moment, on this planet. All living things call Earth home, but only we humans can reverse the threats to Earth that we have created.

Do one thing. Do one thing every day. Unplug an appliance that's not in use, turn off a light when leaving the room, pick up a piece of litter, plant a seed -- one simple task that acknowledges and strengthens our connection to each other and to our collective home.

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