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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The little things can add up.

You know that if you start small that whatever you are doing can become quite a success.

Take saving money. Now most of us would be hard pressed to take $100 out of our paychecks and drop it in a savings account. Companies have made it easier by having direct withdrawl programs to help you save and alot of us still don't do that. Why? You say "Hey! That's my money. I want to spend it." There is stuff I wanna, need to, have to buy.

So I started, slow and steady, with a loose change fund. Drop your everyday change out of you pocket or purse into a large jar. Little by little it adds up. Can I tell you that after 3 months of loose change I ended up with alomost $400. Pretty cool huh? I take it the bank, they sort it, add it up and drop it in my savings account. WooHoo. Payday savings. Unmissed, unharmed, unthought out, easy.

Going green may take a little more thought but it only takes one little thing at a time. The bonus is that in the end it all adds up. You are helping youself and all those around you.

So why not start to recycle just alittle more.
Look at what you are throwing away - Paper? Plastic? A yogurt cup? Old empty medicine bottles? The box from your crackers or cereal.

We started small. You can too.
Here's a couple pics.
We started with getting a white bin (for plastic) to sit next to our regular garbage and putting a brown shopping bag ( for paper) behind it.

**By the way, your city should have a list online or at the city hall on what they will and won't collect from you and how they need it packaged.

And if any of you are into the "dummies" books they have one for going green :)

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