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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My new favorite website. A MUST SEE for getting your GREEN on!

Got an email today from  Very cool and uber helpful site.
They were talking about going beyond normal home recycling into electronic gadgets, cell phones and the like. Then I got into the article about those little pesky bottle caps that are #5 plastic - Most cities don't take them, Ugh! But that led me to my new fave website:
Earth 911

So easy, so helpful, way more info than anybody could ever read but they have this very cool search that let's you find the places in your area that will take your stuff. By stuff I mean all the other junk your local ciy recycling truck won't accept.  Some are drop-off sites but alot do curbside pick-up. Yah buddy, haul it to the street and walk away because not only will somebody come and pick it up but they will make sure that it is recycled properly.
Now that's a good green day, you agree?

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