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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Need a Ride? Check out MI Green Cabs

Great idea right? So, why didn't I think of it? LOL

Billing themselves as “Anything But Your Typical Cab Company “  Mi Geen Cabs believe in giving back to our world one cab ride at a time.
Michigan Green Cabs, LLC was formed in response to ever increasing global concerns, as well as a our commitment to taking pro-active steps to make a difference in the quality of environment we leave to future generations. It is our ambition to establish a network of “Michigan Green Cabs” statewide employing only the latest in Hybrid technologies and electronic dispatch.
And the cool thing is that they are trying to help the economic state of Michigan by creating new jobs.
Economic Impact:

For every Michigan Green Cab we deploy we create three new full time jobs and one or two new part time positions. One hundred new cabs statewide will create four hundred permanent new positions for displaced Michigan workers.
Awesome right?
Well, next time you need a ride give them a call.
Help the earth and your city/state. Support local companies that support you.

Michigan Green Cabs

Other places that have green cab companies:

Green Cab Seattle
Green Cab Vermont
Charleston Green Taxi
Santa Monica Green Taxi

If you have a company you want us to post please drop us a comment or email with the link addy. THANKS!

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