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Monday, April 16, 2012

So Waste Management....Enough to make you green with anger

I know I know...where have I been?
Busy like a bee trying to get settled, unpacked, re-orged, etc etc...
Kids and School and Play dates OH MY!!

But I have had this hot topic on my head and I neeeeed to let you know.
The company Waste Management - SUCKS!! Big Time.
Remember I told you how we now have to pay for our trash pick-up? Well we had 2 companies we were considering. 1 being WM, the other being a local company called Smith.
We checked out the websites, did a little research and decided on WM because they claimed to be a "green company"
Well, so much for that.

Do you know, not only did they take our money (green, ha ha!) they didn't bother to pick up our trash.
When we called them on it they finally started to come around and then you know what they did?? I bet you'll never guess - That's right, they left our recycle bin. Full. With our recyclables still in it sitting on the curb.
So on the phone again and do you know what this nervy "green" company said? They said they only pick up recycling every OTHER week. WHAT!???? That's right every other week.
So when I insisted that they send the local recycle truck out so that my things were sent off to the proper place you know what they did then? UGH! I'm sick just remembering it, The sent a regular garbage truck, threw in my recycables and sent them off to the dump.

Last time I looked we are supposed to be teaching how to recycle more and garbage less - Not the other way around. How do you call yourself a Green Company and do the complete opposite. I am so  saddened.

Getting a refund was nearly impossible. We had paid a year in advance for a discounted price and even with the fact that they only picked up our trash twice mattered not. It was like pulling teeth.
The worst customer service and the worst enviro company I have seen in a long time.
Don't get me wrong there are many companies that have bad practices when it comes to our earth but most of them never claim to be "GREEN"

So please please, when faced with dealing with companies that claim they are green if they are great, Let us know. We want them to be known. If you run across a company like WM, Please please let everyone know about it so we can all beware.

And onward we go.... I will have some cool green pics in the following segments
Thanks for reading  :) Happy Monday!

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