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Monday, April 16, 2012

Is there Green and/or Organic wine?

We aren't very big drinkers around here but on occasion would like to have a sip or two. :)

After watching, reading and learning about Organic foods. What does it means to be a non-gmo? And where can you find good tasty healthy stuff? Now the question was how do we have wine?

I know there has to be an answer out there somewhere. I know that somewhere "wines have gone green"
and the information is right under my little green nose.
And right you are. Organic Wines do exist.
The vinyards are tended to much like any organic farm or garden. They use solar power for the wineries, they use alternative packaging for their wines once they are produced like pouches or tetra packs. They use little to no sulfites and process it as natural as possible with no pesticides or fungicides. Good crop rotation, compost and biological pest control is used instead.
Something like this:

I will post again with my wine reviews after we do a little taste testing.

**Ahh, now if Mother nature would help out with a lovely star-filled mild tempertured evening, I can see a light bodied, organic adult beverage in my future.

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