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Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm here and there and Everywhere

I know I haven't had many posts in the last few months. It surely doesn't mean I don't think of you and have nothing to say....Lord knows that is never the case. I ALWAYS have something to say.  :)

So what's been Green over the last few months you ask....

Well the best thing that I have noticed is that more and more companies and communities have become more aware on how important it is to recycle. On the streets of Detroit along the waterfront they have bins:

At my husbands company in the cafeteria they have recycling bins.
There are more ads in our paper and circulars about solar panels and wind turbines for residental housing. There are more Green Events happening in the cities and towns. Frankly, Green is the new Black.  :)

And of course most currently I am helping run the Terracycle program at my kid's school.
The coolest thing about the program is that EVERYBODY is excited about it. Keeping trash from the landfills and turning into cash that will assist the teachers and students on field trips and buy supplies.
Did I mention they were already a certified GREEN SCHOOL!! My pride and joy. I am so happy and thankful to have found such a great place for my kids and me.

When you get a chance and you are driving around look at the delivery trucks and service vehicles around you. I have seen electric trucks being driven for utility companies, for products like Frito-Lays and Coca-Cola and for Organizations picking up donations for charities.
 A little here and a little there and we are on our way................

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